Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Birthday Wishes...

Hello there inky friends!  Today I'm sharing a little card for a special little lady who had her heart broken this week.  You see, I am a Kindergarten teacher and this pandemic brought our classroom learning and engagement to a screeching halt in March and we worked so hard learning and navigating school life online until the middle of June.  Our classroom community is a close one, and we enjoyed not only the opportunity to learn together via live (synchronous) online lessons and just simply being together to socialize, stay connected and maintain our community.  Since school has ended for the year, I find that my students (unlike any other of my 23 years of teaching) have worked hard to maintain some connection with me and we enjoy visits every now and then just to say hello. 

Two weeks ago, one of my students asked if she could invite her classmates to her virtual birthday party.  She asked me to send a link to her friends so that they could come celebrate with her. She also invited me, and the instructional assistant as well as another support teacher to her party.  I was excited to help her gather her friends together so I sent the link to all of her classmates.
On the day of her "party", I clicked on the link to her party.  I visited with her for several minutes until the IA arrived to join the fun.  Little Miss was dressed in an adorable birthday shirt, had a birthday crown on, fixed her curly locks just so perfectly and had a giant balloon attached to her chair.  She waved her birthday wand back and forth with the biggest smile on her face. 
We chatted and she shared that she was going to be visiting her grandma and grandpa and that her family was going to do a "drive by" for her and that she was so happy to be 6 years old.   Then she asked..."Where is everybody?". 
After 20 minutes of chatting and waiting, she asked again..."Where is everybody?".  I was beginning to feel so crushed for her.  Can you imagine getting all excited for a "virtual" get together and none of your friends show up?  We tried to keep her smiling and happy but she kept asking..."Where is everybody?".  
After about 45 minutes of waiting and waiting, her teachers singing her the birthday song and waiting some more, I struggled to let her go.  I struggled to say goodbye and leave her "party" because we were the only ones there.  Finally after about an hour, her mom took to the screen and shared some of the activity that was going to happen with the family and I think she was trying to ease the goodbyes.  I knew we had to go sometime, but it was just hurting my heart so much that NONE of her friends/classmates came to her party. 

I have never sent a student a birthday present by mail but this situation called for something special.  I can't imagine as a six year old sweet child to have nobody show up for my birthday party.  How crushing it would be.  What are the thoughts going through her little mind?  SOOO...I donned my mask and headed to Target to get her a special present.  I wrapped it up nice and pretty (her favorite color is pink) and saved a piece of wrapping paper for her card. 

This card was created especially for Little Miss.  I hope it makes her smile and I hope it helps her know that she is so special.  The little fox is similar to the little fox family toy set that I got for her. I thought the sentiment was perfect and encouraging for this sweet little girl. 

Card Details: 

Stamp Set:  For Fox Sake
Ink:  Richard Garay Designs Black Taffy
Markers:  Copics:  E13, E18, E30, E93, E95,YR14, BG000, RV42
Cardstock/paper:  Neenah Solar White, Pink, Yellow, wrapping paper
Clear Glaze
Microfine Gitter


  1. That just breaks my heart! How wonderful of you and the other teachers to go to her party! 💓

    1. It was just me and my IA that showed up. The other teacher she invited didn't show up either. So sad.

  2. I work in an elementary school too. Your story broke my heart. You are such a good teacher! I’m sure get mother appreciated all you did for her.
    I love the card you created too��

  3. Adorable card! I'm sorry no one showed up for that little girls birthday party. I hope some reach out and it was just a technical glitch or misunderstanding.

  4. This just breaks my heart! Would her parents agree to listing her on Because Kindness group do we could shower her with belated bday cards? You are such a beautiful person - what you did was so touching!

  5. So very sweet of you. Kerry! I'm sure she is going to love everything! <3