Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Joy Clair Birthday Bash! Anniversary Showcase

Hey there Joy Clair friends!  I hope you're enjoying the fun and fabulous creations we're featuring with this new Birthday set called Party Animals!  Joy Clair has been celebrating its 4th birthday all month long and we are excited to share this fun and exclusive set!  I got a little carried away with my project and had tons of fun!  Take a peek at my card creations here and make sure to also check out the fun creations from my fellow DT members at the Joy Clair Blog HERE!  

This set includes several wild party animals and quite a few awesome sets.  I pulled a few of my favorites to make my cards today.  

My first card incorporates the MOOOVALICIOUS bovine I call Clementine.  She's swinging in as a fun pinata and daring you to choose...Will it be a nice healthy apple or will ya take a crack at the treats that'll fall from inside her bodacious bod?  GO WILD!  
I started out by coloring "Clementine" and then doodled some confetti and a few candy treats onto a piece of cardstock.  I added some colored dots for the added confetti with a mix of bright Copics in my collection.  After doodling, I used a ruler and my Staedtler .03 Pigment pen to make a string for her to swing on.  After that, I popped her up on the page and added the sentiment. 
 Clementine has some gorgeous glossy red lips, perfectly manicured toenails and flirty blue eyeshadow.  I also added a little earring loop for good measure.
After mounting the stamped/decorated panel onto pink cardstock, I attached it to a white card base and added some gloss to the confetti, lips, toenails.  She's gorgeous...and ready for a whack or to...but be careful, don't clunk your head when diving for the treasure that falls!
My second card incorporates a little wild and crazy too!  My sister loves pigs (and has a pet pig) so this card will be heading her way in a few months.  I decided to add a little piggie pool for her to play in.  Yeah, splash, roll, blow bubbles...It's time to PARTAY!  
I stamped the pig onto the card panel and then doodled a little blow-up pool to the side.  I added some water and extended the grass lines to make it "flow".  
 I gave this mischevious little piggie some glossy eyes, teeth and tongue and colored him with a few peachie Copics.
Just a little green to make the grass come to life ! And to make this photo-op a little more tame for the younguns, I removed the booze in the background (no I didn't drink it all).  and added a tasty can of grapefruit sparkling water.  YUM!

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