Monday, January 22, 2018

Love Languages...

Hello there inky friends!  Today I'm sharing a fun little Valentine card featuring a brand spankin new set from Joy Clair called Love Languages.  I fell in love with this set because it had so many fabulous languages on it which included my heritage language German!  I was thrilled to see "Ich liebe dich" in stamp form and knew this would be the sentiment I would choose for my card!  Check out this set:  
I love that this set also includes a variety of tiny hearts that can be used to create backgrounds, pops of fun and lots of feature elements on a card.  I used the sketchy heart on my design.  So...Wanna know how I created this fun card?  Here goes:  
I started out by cutting out twelve little inchie squares.  I wrinkled them up a bit to soften the cardstock and create a bit of a "fabric" texture.  After that, it was on to inking!  I selected some Memento inks and laid a plastic sleeve on the table and rubbed the ink all over the squares.  I spritzed the squares to make the color bleed and to saturate the squares then rubbed additional color on that was left over on my plastic sleeve.  After they were colored to my desired intensity, I sprayed a bit of golden shimmer onto the squares to add a bit of shine.  I set them onto some paper to dry a bit (they picked up the grid lines on my graph paper) and then used my heat gun/tweezers to dry each square.  

Next, I punched a heart out of each square and threw my scraps away.  I used my sewing machine to sew the hearts in a chainlike formation.  After cut into sets of four hearts, I assembled them onto a piece of white cardstock.  
I glued the heart chains onto the cardstock by just adding glue to the center of the heart stitch area so that I could lift the edges when it was dry.  I then stamped the sketchy heart onto my blue hearts with clear pigment ink and then added gold embossing powder.  
To finish the card off, I sprinkled some pearlescent silk onto the card and then added a few golden pearls.  The sentiment tag worked perfectly hovering over the chains of hearts! 
Yummy, yummy!  Don'tcha think!?!  Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a fabulous week!  

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