Saturday, October 23, 2010

Magic Potion anyone?

A few days ago, while shopping for Halloween candy in Target, I happened upon some WINE in the candy section! Huh? Wine with candy??? Well, I guess it had a BLACK label, so does that make it Halloween-ie??? I picked some up and wandered more through the store...How can I make this Halloween-ie? I kept asking myself. Then it dawned on me while down the glass vase aisle! The TALL bud vase just spoke to me! Yes, I guess it was those mysterious spirits (pun intended) but I just had to pick one up. I'll fill some of that wine up into one of those bud vases, add a straw and a tag and it'll be PERFECT!!! BLOOD RED WINE IN A TALL TALL GLASS!!! YES!!!
So I came home all bouncy with excitement and headed to my know, The one with all those pots and pans? Oh, yeah, I don't use the kitchen that much but for now, it's my LAB!
I carefully opened my bottle '0 booze and poured it into my bud (no, not beer) vase. I tasted it...YUCK! Too bitter...I like dessert wine. The kind that's sweet and tasty, not anything like chewing on a lemon peel. So I went to the big fridge 'cuz that's where all scientists keep their perishable ingredients you know. Pulled out some special concoction called Lingonberry concentrate (I get it at Ikea) and some bubbly French stuff called Perrier...Mix it all up and VOILA! I have my Mystical brew...DEEELISH...

Kerry's Magic Potion

1 shot Red Wine
1 shot Lingonberry Concentrate
Perrier or seltzer water to taste
Give it a try! Don't have too many...Or you'll end up just like that dragon...draggin' or snoozin'!
Here's the cute concoction ready and waiting for you. Come on over!!! I'll have one waiting with your name on it!
Tag: Stamps by Woodware USA Wizardry

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