Thursday, January 19, 2017

Store Your Treasures...Joy Clair January 2017

Hello Joy Clair friends!  It's Kerry here sharing another fabulous stamp set from the January 2017 release called Treasures.  This is a gorgeous set that includes various gemstones, a treasure chest, an X-marks-the-spot sign and some very special sentiments.  When reading the sentiments in this set, the one that spoke to my heart was the "Store Your Treasures In Heaven" sentiment.  It brought back so many treasured memories of my Grandmother...and her treasure box of costume jewelry.  I knew this was exactly what would inspire my creation.  So I call this my Grandma Alice Card.  
You see, my Grandma Alice was a very special woman (as is every grandma on the planet).  She was loving, humorous and very strong-willed.  She loved with every ounce of her being and until her last day, she gave everything from the heart.  

My most cherished childhood memories were of me and my sisters sitting on her bed (on her chenille bedspread) with her big pink jewelry box.  All day long we would play dress up with her treasure box full of costume jewelry that she picked up here and there throughout her lifetime and wore with pride to social functions and church events. 

Grandma Alice loved allowing us grandchildren (and great grandchildren) opportunities to drape ourselves in tons of fake pearl and gemstone necklaces, clip-on earrings and gaudy pins.  It was and still will be the most cherished memory.  When my Grandfather passed away, my Grandmother began giving away her treasures. She said she wanted to make sure the people she wanted to have her treasures would enjoy them before she was gone.  She allowed me to pick one thing and I requested her pink treasure box.  She was very surprised at my choice and even said "Are you serious?  You want that junk?". Absolutely!  They were her treasures...and I'm so glad I was able to receive them from her.  You can see a few of her treasures, right in my photo above. Approximately six months after my Grandfather passed, she too joined him in heaven...and to this day, my treasure IS in heaven...but she left a few here on earth.  If I could trade that box for one more minute with her, I would.  

So to create this card, I started out with a base layer using my Gelli Plate and finger smears of Pink, Ivory and Light blue acrylic paint.  I added them in layers so that I could strategically create my background.  Once done, I added one final layer of metallic sheen using some Liquitex Metallic Silver Ink.  It's translucent and very shimmery!  It's one of my favorite art mediums.  You can see the peeling of the paint layers and the peek-a-boo feature underneath.  So yummy!  
After creating the background, I stamped and embossed some gemstones on the scraps.  I used gold and black embossing powder to give some contrast.  I cut out the gemstones then added Stickles to the gemstones to give them added sparkle and shine. 
The next step was to layer the inked panel onto  a white card base.  I decided to layer it in a "wonky style" to add to the fun nature of the card.  I applied a few tears of sparkly washi tape to the edge and secured them permanently with a few staples.
I stamped the sentiment using Versafine Onyx ink onto vellum then heat embossed with Gold embossing powder.  After it was dry, I cut the sentiment out and added it to a collage design.  Popping the gemstones up using foam squares allowed for more dimension in my layering...a must for me!   
My Grandma left behind many treasures. Treasures in my heart and in the hearts of those she touched throughout her life.  The biggest treasure is time spent with her...and when it's my time, I'll carry her treasure box right back to her.  Until then, I will cherish them forever...

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