Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet Flip...

I ordered him online a few weeks ago and have been playing around for a few weeks. Boy, I'm having fun!

Well, wanna see a picture of him? Here you go:

Ha, Ha...Did I give you a heart attack? LOL...I've wanted to have a small video camera to do some tutorials and such for my blog and found the perfect one for my needs. It takes great video and it is also great for HD viewing. Anyway, like I said, I've been making videos and playing around for a couple of weeks. This weekend I rigged up a temporary contraption to "float" above my workspace. Well, I found a ruler doesn't do that great of a job because it bounces like crazy...So I'm off next weekend to find a sturdier piece of wood.

I learned a few things about my stamping while I video taped things:

It takes me about 30 minutes to completely color an image with my Copics.

I tend to bend my left forefinger when I'm working *Maybe that's why my arm hurts*

I sound like I've just jumped off a combine or some midwestern farm equiptment...I didn't realize how strong of an accent I have and I live in the south! SOOOO...I'm covering up my talking with some groovy tunes!

I'm not that good at selecting all my colors before I start...I always want to grab more in the process of coloring.

Anyway, I've uploaded my first one tonight...sorry it's so bouncy...I fixed it a bit after I saw this one. Be kind, it's my first attempt at a video....It's a little dark, too far away AND wayyyy too bouncy!

You might want to turn the volume down on the video so you can hear the great music on my blog instead (I like that better). PS...You can see the text better at my Youtube posting:

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