Monday, December 19, 2016

Special Delivery Part 2: Ho Ho Ho!

This week was Caring Hearts Drive DELIVERY week!

I had the pleasure (and honor) of delivering the beautiful cards pictured below to the residents of Paul Spring Retirement Community in Alexandria, VA.  I always look forward to delivering these treasures at this time of year.  It's a fabulous experience to deliver joy and love to the hearts and hands of many elderly persons.

Not only do I love delivering the cards, I love seeing each and every card that was so carefully created for this wonderful cause.   Actually, opening that box for the first time is like a gift to me too. I love looking at the fronts (I don't peek at messages on the inside) and my heart is full when I think about the love each and every card holds.

I like to take pictures of the collection placed in my care, in hopes they will be seen by crafters worldwide.  To encourage them to participate in some small way to the Caring Hearts Drive.  I hope those who already do participate, and might notice their beautiful creations in these photos, will know where their cards landed...Into the hands of some of the most deserving people in the USA.  Many of whom are Retired military service people and their spouses.

Such beautiful creations!  All handcrafted from cardmakers in the USA...each and every card, a treasure from the heart!

Thank you to all those who contributed to the Caring Hearts Drive.  Your gorgeous creations were met with BIG smiles, FULL hearts and LOVING homes...

Thank you again to Vera Yates, Jennifer McGuire, Tina Schrof, Lyn Reloza and all the behind the scenes crew for entrusting me with this package of love. Paul Spring was all smiles when I came delivering these gorgeous cards.  They were so appreciative of this gift to their residents again this year and looked forward to receiving this very special care package!  

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