Sunday, February 3, 2013

February inspiration

Hey stamping friends!  I've been busy working on a variety of projects so I pushed this color challenge post to Sunday instead of Saturday this week.  As I'm typing, it's actually Saturday, so I'm safe and I met my goal.

I decided to start off the month of Feburary picking some reds...You know, Valentine-ey colors!  I really liked this combo of colors so I picked this picture.  BOY was it hard finding just the right colors in my stash. Not sure if they match perfectly, but they'll do, I guess.
I pulled in the reds and burgundy colors using inks, some copic coloring on the stick pins and one of the mats on the oval sentiment.  I also added some stamping with really light pink ink on the cream rectangular piece.
 Take a closer look and I hope you'll see the faint stamping of flowers...It's there!
Notice the card base?  I got that "paper" several years ago.  It's actually plastic.  I call it Milk Jug paper because it is just like those plastic milk jugs, just flat.  It's fun, but hard to work with.  I just used it on the front panel, then scored the top and attached two panels of red cardstock on the back to sandwich the flap in between and make it neat and tidy.

See you next Saturday for another design-seeds inspiration.


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