Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Haily....

 Hey stampers!  Just checkin' in this Monday to share some leftovers from my niece's birthday party this weekend....Sorry, the only leftovers are these yummy pictures!!! 

I was asked to make the cupcakes to fit her "Movie Premiere-Red Carpet Night" themed party.  It was so funny to see giggling girls decked to the NINES-complete with fancy dresses, big gaudy jewelry, HIGH heels and of course mini Golden Statues... I was also pegged as the paparazzi so I was taking shots of them on the red carpet (yes, I brought over a red carpet runner for them to walk on!) and fighting over their awards. 

So back to the cupcakes...They were really deelish!  Made from the FINEST Duncan Hines Yellow cake mix around, fluffy icing by Duncan Hines...with a dash of lemon flavoring to add extra flavor..... 

So, it was all in the decorations for sure...I made the little star chocolates to go on top, sprinkled the frosting with black sugar crystals and edible golden stars, then topped them all off with some FABULOUS cupcake toppers.  Yeah, made those with the Woodware set:  Circular Greetings.  Yes they were YUMMY...and next time I make some of these cupcakes, the're going to have some lemon curd squeezed inside....It would have been even better! 
So this week at the WoodwareUSA blog it's all about the SENTIMENT....Join the party and create something focusing on just may win a Woodware USA set of your very own!!!

Happy stamping!


  1. Those cupcakes are adorable. Sounds like a fun time!

  2. I want an aunt like you, Kerry! These are amazing, and Duncan Hines is the best bakery around!! The chocolates look awesome, too!

  3. awesome cupcake toppers, they look so glam! you're such a thoughtful aunt! it sounds like that party was a blast :D