Monday, March 28, 2011

CAS Challenged...

Stamp Set Used:  Jennifer Garant Invitation Elements

Oh yes, I'm CAS Challenged for sure! I just can't find it in me to restrain myself.  So before adding MORE (ribbon, stickles, buttons, bling,etc) to this card, I thought I'd hurry and take a picture of it. This is the only time it'll be CAS (CLEAN AND SIMPLE).

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing CAS cards and admire those who have the ability to restrain themselves, but for cards are like my life, my house, my family, everything LIKE ME...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! So, if you lack CAS restraint like me, I recommend taking a photo BEFORE you're done...and call it CAS!

I hope you can find some time in your busy week this week to participate in Woodware USA's 20th Challenge...Keep it CLEAN and SIMPLE!   It's the last week of the month too so make sure to have at least ONE entry in this month's drawing for a fabulous PRIZE!!! 

Have a FUN week. 


  1. Love it. It does seem odd for you to do clean and simple.

  2. Kerry, I think you did wonderfully with the CAS style. Are you sure it isn't for you?! I love all of the white space you left at the top. TFS!

    ps: are you going to show us the non-CAS version too?! ;)

  3. Kerry, I think that you do CAS very well, much better than you give yourself credit for!! This is a gorgeous creation!! I rounded my corners just to pay homage to you!

  4. Girl this is a killer CAS card!! Jennifer would be proud! I hope she sees it!!

  5. This is so totally CAS and beautifully done!! Love this!