Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun In The Sun!

It's cold here but that doesn't mean Froggies can't go to the beach! When I saw these little froggies at DRS Designs, I knew I had to have them! My parents (and other family) usually go on cruises throughout the year and these little froggies would make PERFECT bon voyage cards! My mom loves to sit and read on the beach while my dad loves to snorkel and SCUBA dive. Meant to be right?

The other week, I received an email from DRS Designs inviting me to try out their stamps. I was to select a few stamps, make a card, share it, then mail it on to them. Now, who would pass up a fabulous opportunity like this? NOT ME!!! I hopped right on the website and started searching for the three PERFECT stamps. It was difficult to choose from such a huge collection of stamps, but when I saw these unique little froggies, I knew they were going to be my FIRST EVER DRS Designs stamps...They won't be my last.

Don't these little froggies remind you of the old-time swimming photos of years gone by? Remember the fun people had on Coney Island (The photos I've seen look like it was a blast!)...This is exactly what they wore. LOVE it!!! I decided to make a card that included a hand drawn pier...because there WAS a story these little froggies wanted to tell...

Now here's the story:

Mr. and Mrs. Froggy just disembarked the SS Pollywog for a little FUN in the sun. The walk down the pier was a careful dance...I mean, have you ever walked down a steaming hot wood dock with no shoes on??? It's like walking down a long path of needles and hot coals with the temptation to jump to safety on your left and your right! NOT FUN...So they danced, hopped, and ooh, ohh, oohed so fast down that pier until they hit the sandy beach...OUCH! HOT TOO! Well, I guess they need to throw down their towels or dip their blistered toes in the cool water.
Oh no! Mr. Froggy forgot his towel! How is he ever going to keep that sand off his precious skin? Don't worry, Mrs. Froggy is always prepared! Inside that little heart-shaped purse is her emergency key. That key allows her access to a boardwalk locker that provides an unlimited amount of drinkie-drinkies, snacks for HER MAN, and of course, the towels and sunblock she'll have to plaster all over Mr. Froggy's nose, shoulders, and legs! Leave it to Mrs. Froggie to always save the day!

Stamps Used: Frog Sunbather (UM), Snorkle Frog (UM), Fun in the Sun (UM Sentiment)

Thanks DRS Designs for the opportunity to play with such an awesome group of stamps! I'm looking forward to stamping many, many, many more creations using DRS Designs stamps!


  1. These are among the small group of really cute froggies I've ever seen!

  2. These are "Toad-ally" cute and the sentiment is great with these beachcombers :) That pier is amazing!

  3. Waaayyyy too cute! Both the card and the story!
    Awesome pier and coloring too!

    Thanks so much for being such a fun part of our By Invitation Contest!

  4. Very cute frogies, and I like the dock in the background.

  5. I love the scene you've created here! Looks like you had fun with the images you picked out! :-)