Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Treats...

I got a box of Starbucks cookies for Christmas and loved the shape of the box. So, after eating all the yummy lemon cookies, I kept the box because I knew I could use it as a cool template! I think these cookies (or something similar) can be found at Target.

Here's a pic of the box...broken down to the template form:

I carefully tore the glued flap away from the rest of the box and had a template I could use. I took the template and traced it onto a piece of 12x12 paper. It fit quite nicely and allowed for some extra scraps. I made sure to mark with a pencil where all the folds were located. After tracing all the fold lines, I cut it out. I then used my Scor-pal to score all the folds. I didn't use any particular line on the Scor-pal, just layed the pencil lines over the scoring trench. After everything was scored, I took my oval nesties and cut a straigh oval in the box front. I also took the extra scrap paper to cut a coordinating scallopped oval for the inside. I folded everything together, glued the flap on the side and then added some yummy HARD marshmallows (in a clear envelope)for the inside. I'll take those out and replace with candy hearts soon.

Here's the finished product:

FYI: The card in the background can be seen in a previous post HERE.
PS...The Heart sucker was purchased 1 year ago after the Valentine sale at the dollar spot in TARGET...Can you believe I saved it? LOL...

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  1. Love your box and the card, now I will have to go buy some starbucks cookies!!!!