Saturday, December 18, 2010

FTL 121...Clean and Simple?

I can say that by no means am I a "Clean and Simple" card maker so trying to do this challenge was a JOKE!  Ha!  All I kept thinking throughout the whole process (I made three cards using the same papers) was YEAH Right, ME Clean and Simple...I never do anything simple! And clean?  (hnmm...push my crafting stuff to the left and the right), YEAH RIGHT!  Anyway, I did manage to create three cards using the FTL 121 as my inspiration.  I LOVE that layout and I bet I'll FALL TO THIS LAYOUT many times over! 

So here they are in all their glory..each one is a bit different than the one before!  Enjoy...And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This was my first attempt.  I wanted to add some white in the background because I thought that would make it more clean and simple...then I added a snowflake, some stickles, liquid pearls and a button...Not so clean and simple! 

So then, I tried for card #2...Leave off the white background and make it clean and simple...

Then I added distressing and snowflakes and white paint to jazz it up a bit...Not so Clean And Simple...

So then, I TOLD myself to leave the background alone to Make it Clean and simple...
Well, that's a little better, but I then I added some pearls and some liquid pearls and some stickles and...well, Not So Clean and Simple! 

So you see, no matter how hard I try, I just can't do Clean and Simple..I NEED bling, and ribbon, and layers, and dimension and pattern and distressing and...and...and...LOL



  1. Bling or not, I really like these cards. The layout is super and I love what you've done in all the cards.

  2. That file punch really adds a lot to the cards! These are great! Simple smimple. :)