Sunday, January 3, 2010

One tree to go...

Well, I'm back home after my wonderful Christmas break. It was an unexpectedly long vacation that I was able to spend relaxing and hanging out with my parents, sister and niece. I just dread having to go back to the grindstone again and start working again tomorrow. Oh well, gotta do it right?

Thought I'd finish a video that I had planned on posting before I went away, but had some glitches with the uploading on the 23rd then decided to heck with it, I'll post it when I get back home. Well...That's TODAY...a little later than I thought. Check out the video in the youtube sidebar or just click here:

I made this card for my sister's Mother in law. She loves vintage and anything "Williamsburg" style so I thought she would like it. I'm really loving the stamps (Thanks Chelsea!).

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and are just as excited about the new year as I am...COME ON SPRING BREAK...THE CRUISE SHIP IS WAITING!!!


  1. love it ... and thanks for the shout out to me!!! I actually will have a shout out to YOU on my blog in the next day or two ... you gave me a great idea for a card ...

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