Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help for Haiti...

I've got a few former students and some fellow teachers who have been affected by the Haiti earthquake and I feel so sad for them. I've been trying to find a way to help out and to be so much more than just a bank draft. Yes, I have donated to the Red Cross, but I feel that's too easy, too sterile, to cold and definitely not enough...

They plead for medical help...and they need it.
They plead for orphan help...and they need it.
They plead for elderly help...and they need it.
They plead for fresh water...and they need it.
They plead for food...and they need it...
They plead for shelter...and they need it...

It appears all they have is faith, hope and love...

Well, this is my hope. It has been such an amazing experience for me to see the absolute strength of the Haitian people, their courage, and their determination to overcome. I saw this first hand several years ago when I had a young student come to America for the first time. He had escaped Haiti with his mother after the political unrest had destroyed his family. He lost so much in Haiti and experienced things no child should ever have to experience.

But what can I do? The needs will be just as great in six months and beyond. I ask myself, what can I do that will make me feel like I'm doing everything I can to help?

I'd love to go to Haiti and help the children.
I'd love to go to Haiti and help the elderly.
I'd love to go to Haiti and help rebuild.

I heard last night on my local news that the Haitian Embassy was seeking doctors and nurses and had already set up a busload of medical workers to go to the airport at midnight. They are going to be doing this a lot...So doctors and nurses out there who can give a week or more of their time, please contact them! Oh at this time I wish I had some medical training. I'd be on that flight right NOW!

I'm wondering about this summer. As of yet, I have no definite plans for my summer vacation. I'm wondering if I can somehow connect with the US government and the Haitian Embassy nearby to see if I can get a group of teachers together to go and rebuild/open some schools, to volunteer in an orphanage, etc. That's what I can do...

But for now, I'll continue to pray for the people of Haiti. I'll continue to help support the Haitian friends and students I have here in America. I'm going to be loading some of my handmade cards to my etsy account and will donate all funds to Haitian relief efforts.


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