Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yummy Colors!

Yipee! I finished another Stamp Shack Challenge...This time I did it before the deadline! Boy, since the flu bug is everywhere but my house, I'm kooped up trying to find things to do other than planning and schoolwork. It's been nice, but I hope my family gets better soon!

Here's the photo that inspired the colors for this challenge:

Don't you just love the colors? Better yet, LOVE the whole bedding set. Hmmm...I'd better ask the challenge host where I can purchase that bedding set! Anyway, I tried to pull all the colors from the photo as well as mimic the fillagree design on the comforter. My TAC set I don't use much worked perfectly for this card.

So, I'll be back later with another challenge creation: My SHACK Survivor card. I bet I'll be voted off quickly, but I had an idea and wanted to go with it...


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