Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm baaaaack!

My Florida vacation is over and I'm back home to spend the rest of my summer relaxing. Whew...A two week vacation is so relaxing and fun. I think it'll become a yearly tradition for me. I did take a few photos of the beach on the evening of July 4, but darn, I didn't take a picture of the beach during the day. I was scared to bring my camera to the beach because I thought it would get sand on the lens or get salty water inside. Anyway, I did take a few mini videos while I was there so I'll have to post one later. The water was really pretty!

I don't think I went through any stamping withdrawal while I was gone but did think of it a few times. I came home to a box of goodies from my TAC demo Chelsea so I had to get to my room and make her a thank you card. Here it is:

Looks like Christmas to me but acutally, it's not. Chelsea was so nice and sent me a new catalog and lots of empty clamshell boxes. I store all my wood mounted stamps in clamshell boxes and I really needed some more. That was one of the perks I had as a demo...LOTS of clamshells after putting my TAC stamps into CD cases. Well, I was totally out of the perfect sized ones and Chelsea rescued me! Any time you have some extra ones, please think of me...I need about 100 more! LOL.

I'll be back later with more GOOD STUFF I got the day I was heading out on vacation (and was really wanting to get them inky).


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