Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...

Well, I just finished my gifts for my neices and nephews and am heading over to give them their treats. Since I won't see Tyler and Megan for a while, I'm also heading to the Post Office to mail theirs (I should have thought to mail them earlier so they would arrive in time for Valentine's Day but oh well, Kids love mail so it doesn't really matter, right?)

The Target Mailboxes have been all the rage for crafters for many years and would you believe it, this is the first year I've jumped on the bandwagon to make some up. Yes, I actually HOARDED 13 of them. I was planning on making my students (I have 16) one for Valentines day but Of COURSE, my plans were dashed when I couldn't find the last THREE at any store in the county. I guess I can look on the bright side now...I have 8 more and I'm NOT selling them. I have a baby gift to make for a student's mom who is having her baby sometime this week. At least they'll go to good use!

Before I go, I thought I'd take pictures of them and post pictures before I forget.

This is for Tyler...He's the big boy of the group. :_ Paper: Kaiser, Stamps: AMuse, M's Dollar letters.

Next comes Megan. She's the blonde dance lover of the group. Paper: TAC, Stamps: AMuse, M's dollar letters.

Then comes Alex...He's a chess man, Lego fan and Basketball lover. (same paper and stamps just colored "Alex" )

Then comes Haily. She loves to color and play with her Bratz and Littlest Petshop toys (Same paper and stamp just colored "Haily".)

And here's Katie's...She's the little one. She loves to play with things that open and close so this should be right up her alley! Paper: Serendipity, Stamps: TAC. PS...I don't have a black Copic so I had to improvise and make this little penguin PINK!

Hope your Valentine's Day is EXTRA Special.



  1. These mailboxes are soooo cute Kerry! I love how you made boy ones and girl ones!!! THey are great!

  2. Hi Kerry ,..
    Love your blog..
    Where you got those mailboxes from?.. designed yourself?
    or can you buy it somewhere?
    hope you can help me out.
    love priscilla

  3. Priscilla,

    The mailbox itself came from the dollar section at my local Target. Target has sold these mailbox tins every year for several years...You just have to get them before they are sold out as they are hot, hot, hot items. I decorated each tin using patterned paper and rubber stamped images I colored myself along with some ribbon and other embellishments. THEY ARE ALWAYS A HIT. I have approximately 7 more white mailboxes so if you are in need of some, let me know and I'll sell them to you for the same price I paid, plus shipping of course. If you would like me to make some for you, just email me and I would be happy to discuss some arrangements.