Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's BUTTON DAY...Let's Celebrate!

I'm serious... I need a chance to celebrate something so I found out that today, November 16 is BUTTON DAY. What would you do without buttons? They are everywhere. Unless you are Amish, BUTTONS are an integral part of your life. These unsung heroes (ha) do it all...From holding your pants up, to closing your jacket, to shusshing a chatty child ( not literally of course..."BUTTON your lip."), BUTTONS always seem to save the day! For crafters, buttons have found their way onto their creations too. As embellishments or necessary parts of the design, BUTTONS hold some MIGHTY POWER!

So....Three cheers for buttons! HIP HIP HORRAY. I'm celebrating today!

I was celebrating and getting in the festive moooooooddddd. I just love the GNOMES from OBP so I knew I was going to create a winter scene with one of them and some BUTTONS...The card above is what I came up with. Sure, I could have used real buttons but I had some button stamps and put them to good use today...after all, IT IS THEIR DAY!
OBP 1735H Kelly's Gnome with Birds Right
OBP 1220N Pond (Green part of tree)
OBP 1160AA Button Large
OBP 1161AA Button Small
OBP 573C 'tis the Season (jj mix)


  1. I love this card ... I had no idea it was button day ... I LOVE buttons!

  2. I love the fun whimsy of this card! great work

  3. love this card, but what I really love is your banner!!!