Saturday, November 15, 2008

HOLEY SMOKES! It's been over a month!

OH my, my, my! Where has the time gone? I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. WOW! Time must go by faster than I thought. I have been busy but geez...not that busy to miss a WHOLE STINKIN' month!

Well, I guess I'd better get back to posting... Probably have to dig in that moldy candy dish for my trick or treat cards...YES! I DID MAKE HALLOWEEN CARDS, BIRTHDAY CARDS, GET WELL CARDS, SYMPATHY CARDS, THANK YOU CARDS, OBP DT CARDS and some JUST FOR FUN CARDS...since I posted last. Oh, and I voted too! I'm sure you did too.

I've been participating in an ATC JAM/RR group for a long time (over 5 years) and have been able to work with several great ATC artists in creating a JOINT ART MAIL/ROUND ROBIN product in ATC form. Here are a few of my newest completed JAM/ROUND ROBIN ATCs:

This card was started by Linda S. She sent the main background...a yellow background that looked like sponged paint.
  • Linda sent it to Cindy M. who then added the lovely lady and sticker.

Cindy sent it to me to do the finishing touches....I added the red stamped text, the filagree work around the image, the stickle dots around the image and the gold stitching on the edge...It was complete. I kept one and mailed the other two back to Linda... SOUND FUN? YOU SHOULD TRY IT!

This card was definitely a challenge for me. It was started by Greig in Hawaii. I believe he sent the white background with the red plastic cut out in the center. He sent it to Cindy M. who I think added the three black shapes to mimic the one in the center. Cindy M. sent it to me. I was stumped so I thought for a while and decided it reminded me of the hawaiian print shapes like adinkra cloth...soooo...I decided to get out all my beachy colors and cut some paper to make some stencils...I sponged colored shapes all over then used some copics to add the dots, lines and finishing touches. Does it look like a hint of HAWAII? Oh well, I tried! I kept one for my binder and sent the other two back to Grieg...Still fun, but not my favorite ATC of all time.

I have some cards that I completed the 2nd stage of the Round Robin and mailed them off...I can't wait to see what they look like when they are returned finished.

I think my favorite part is being the "FINISHER" I'm one who likes to add, add, add until it is done, so by having it last, I can do my thing and can control the finished design...I guess that's a sign of being a control freak or something. What do you think?

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