Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scanner Troubles...

I just hate it when technology doesn't work as planned! I've been holding on to TONS of stuff I've created this month and last month because my scanner has been so problematic. Wierd, I think I figured out today that if I have my internet cord in and then plug my scanner in, the two lines don't work together and my scanner just sits there...SOOOO...note to self, don't have internet plugged in when needing to scan. Also have found that if I keep my plug for my scanner plugged in too long (into the wall outlet), that affects it too. WIERD!!! Anyway, I was able to scan lots of cards today so I'll be posting those here, there and everywhere soon.
Here's a sneak...Could you tell I needed a drink when I was working on these? Great Halloween potions in the new OBP supplement! When I was working on this, I tried three different layouts and color schemes...Like the BLUE!!!


  1. Hi Kerry! It's your newest friend from SC. I posted a couple of photos on my blog today from the Copic class. I hope your trip home was safe (and fun). Thanks for the website tip - I ordered the airbrush system today!
    Take care,