Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HELLOOOOOO there neighbor...

SOL's and SCHOOL are almost over! WAHOOOOOO!!! What is an SOL? Well, it's a state test for students. I'm a teacher and my 3rd graders have been taking SOL's for the past few weeks. They finished their science test today and WOW...I'm tired. You know, it's tiring watching a bunch of 3rd graders take a test all day long! I need a nap..HA!

Anyway, as promised, I'm posting a few cards
Think out of the box... Stamp it, cut it up, flip it, turn it, and squint real hard and POOOF...You'll see something...I saw a clown. What can you see...Give it a try!
I love this layout so I had to use it again for this paper pieced card. Pulled the colors from the patterned paper (I can't remember the mfg). I cuttlebugged the background with my swiss dots embossing folder, doodle the paper up and voila! There you have it!The Odd Bird Planet grows the most delicious organic carrots. Wouldn't you know it...someone on the planet has a hankerin' for some good 'ole carrot stew, or maybe carrot pie, or how about carrot juice, or maybe carrot mash, or carrot kabobs and of course carrots a la mode and....

AND...a bonus...My June 1 sketch.

This sketch was inspired by a bottle of Sunkist Orange Float...DANGER...They are addictive. If you like creamsicles, you'll love a Sunkist Orange Float. I was floating on a boat in the middle of the Potomac and sippin on this yummy drink when I thought...HEY, this would make a cool card!

SO here it is:
Happy stampin!

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