Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Got the GO AHEAD...

To post my creation for the June gallery/botique...

I decided to make a shadow box/collage since the picture I received looked like it would work well with the theme.

After looking at and studying the picture, here's what I noticed (In this order)
those styrofoam peanuts that come in fun packages in the mail
a ripped paper bag or something of the sort specifically for mailing
an old shoe (male) or two
a nice looking carpet
a couple assorted fabrics...

So I created a little story and here's how it goes...

There was this woman who was getting tired of her man complaining about all the money she was spending on stamps, paper, ink and assorted NEEDS for her stamping pleasure...While stamping one day, she finally took the plunge and decided something needed to go...Well, after a short period of time, she decided HE was what needed to go and wrote him a letter...

"Dear Joe,

I've been thinking long and hard about our situation...bla..bla...bla...and I've decided to pack up your things (in the envie I have left from my most recent online purchase) and mail them to Planet Peep...Go get 'em!"

How liberating she felt as she was stuffing every possible thing she could find on the bedroom floor (of course) into that tiny envie...She left a few styrofoam thingies inside to "cushion the blow" and mailed it off...

Well, there it is...The letter, the box, the collage...all wrapped up in a pretty box to hang in her stamping room...




  1. Bwahahahhaha!!

    Kerry, you sure that you don't know my DH's name, right! I just love your job! Here and there in Wiki!!

  2. Love the fact that you recycled the styrofoam Kerry! This is a great project!

  3. Kerry, it's awesome. You really put a lot of thought into it.

  4. Great job. I haven't done a shadow box before. On Thursday I'm posting my pics and linking yours up too.