Thursday, May 22, 2008

JustJohanna and Daisy D's...a match made in heaven!

What a fun combination! I am loving the new Daisy D's Wonder Years collection ( of patterned paper and embellishments designed by Stephanie and was excited to incorporate some of it's playful fun with my justjohanna stamps. I wanted to create some pieces to hang on a wall and WOW! Did I ever have FUN!
Here's what I started with:
And this is what grew from my inspiration...

This was the first piece I created. I had a tiny frame and decided I wanted to use it. I thought the zebra needed to have some fun hanging around and the frame was a perfect way to give him the character and personality he needed. Again, I used the watercolored background, along with some justjohanna grass and some doodling on the edges. I painted the frame with red metallic acrylic paint and then painted over it with white to mute it down a bit. When I thought I was finished, I felt the image needed some anchoring so I added the dots strip on the sides along with a title...

First, I watercolored canson paper with yellow and greens to match the paper cutouts. Then, I assembled the lion and gave him some fun lace for his mane. After that, I doodled the background and stamped it up a bit with some "plants". I then applied the lion to the watercolored paper. His arms looked like he needed to be doing something so I gave him a big-ole fun yo-yo complete with a string and some pop dots to give dimension. VOILA...

Now this one was a bit of a challenge because I didn't particularly like the "dark" tone the background was taking on. I trimmed the bear punches and thought the "dark" background would fit well with a street theme...hence the bear with a toolbelt...He's a town plumber and he is going to rescue something in that drain under the cat... His arms were movable but I decided to glue them down to his tool belt so they wouldn't fall off or be disturbed. I put this in a frame too.
This was my last creation, and I think it's my favorite! I love the bright colors and the bold graphics. Maybe I'm into brights right now because of spring and summer, but whatever it is...It makes me happy!
Happy Stampin!


  1. WOW these are all gorgeous! They are so fun! I could not pick a favorite! You rock!

  2. what a clever to match them together! so impressed and love them a lot!

  3. They're all great. I think my favorite is the street scene with Mabel!