Saturday, April 19, 2008

This morning I couldn't sleep...

It is Saturday and one of the only days I can sleep in but NOOOOOOO, not me, I couldn't sleep this morning. I was so tired of tossing and turning I got up and went into my stamping room, pulled out a page full of NEW justjohanna images and started thinking. I don't know what creative bug was in me but boy was it a doosie! I was playing around with the scallopped circle (I cut it in half) and said "Self, this would make a fun skirt...Where can I find a head?" I looked over the page real good and the icing/pastry bag was just saying youuuuuuuu hoooooooo....So I cut it out, doodled a whimsical face and colored it in. I thought she looked like an old lady with droopy skin, so I needed some flowy hair for her head...I spied the dough stamp and said PERFECT! I colored it orange and cut it out then glued it on the back of her head...and there you have it, a brand new doo FIT FOR A PRINCESS! After all was said and done, this is the lovely lady that resulted from a NO SLEEP morning!


  1. That's amazing!! I honestly thought it was some funky stamp of a girl. Who needs sleep when you're that creative?

  2. VERY clever. I never would have imagined this.

    BTW, my niece drew me a picture and I still haven't stamped on it. I am so behind. :(