Saturday, April 19, 2008

Art Recycled! Earth Day Challenge...

Today is a day to celebrate Earth, and I've got a fun challenge that may spark your creativity.
I asked my third grade students to help me out with this challenge and I selected a few pieces of their artwork to "RECYCLE". Their challenge was to create an illustration of something they have been learning about that has to do with the earth. From their illustrations, I selected two that I thought were inspirational and motivated me to use some of my favorite justjohanna stamps....SOOOOO...With their help, I recycled two pieces of work from Janneth and Christian. THANK YOU!!! The background was designed by Janneth. She created an illustration of the water cycle: Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation....I got out my justjohanna birdie, butterflies, flying al (on earth) dots, lacy circle and the newest stamp...grass... FUN huh?

We've been learning a lot about ancient civilizations and one of the most favorite for third graders is EGYPT. Christian created an illustration of a mummy and various other pictures. I asked him if I could "Recycle his mummy" and he was excited. After he cut it out, I scanned it and printed it out, then added a bit more color with markers, then added "hieroglyphics" in the background. Can you identify all the justjohanna stamps used in this piece???

OK...So what an inspiration a piece of artwork from a child can be. Did you ever think of recycling something a young child has created??? Well, here's your chance. Ask your child to create a background for you. Use any stamps you want (I'm partial to justjohanna) to "RECYCLE" and "REPURPOSE" their art! If you don't have a child handy....Try using the hand you don't normally use and design a fun and colorful background image.

The Rules:

All you have to do is...Create a card for the challenge and leave a comment here with a link to your creation. You can enter any or all of the challenges as many times as you like until the cut off at midnight (PST time) on 4/20. The use of justjohanna stamps is encouraged, but not required.

These challenges will all be centrally located in the Earth Day forum
on the justjohanna message board. If you don't have your own blog, you can post your project in the justjohanna forum's gallery and link back that way! I will draw 1 Lucky winner randomly from my comments and that person will win a limited edition Earth Day 2008 stamp named "Al in space" which is created specially for this event! I will also select another winner from all my entries to win a special stamping prize from me! SO THAT MEANS TWO PEOPLE WILL WIN A PRIZE...ONE WILL WIN THE LIMITED EDITION JJ STAMP and ONE WILL WIN THE PRIZE FROM ME!!!



  1. these are great your students rock.

    your hieroglyphics though, they are knocking me off my chair. I get back up and they knock me down again. I love them! LOVE them. You need to do a whole background stamp of them and have it made into a stamp because I need one.

  2. I love this idea to do the craft with the little one. However, mine is just too little to create the background. So, I ask him to help me run the cuttlebug to make another type of background. I know it might not match your challenge but just wanna share this with you.


  3. this was very fun!

    here is mine


    Kim faucher

  4. this is a great idea. and i love your hieroglyphics!!! it was a stretch to find anything recognizable in jakob's drawings, but i found an accidental mushroom-ish scribble.

  5. I'm playing!!!!!
    Here's my card. I used some special paper my son made just for me!

    Thanks for the great challenge... I have TONS of kid art!