Saturday, September 1, 2007

This little chicklet went to market...

LOL....This little chicklet is my icon for the justjohanna design team. Isn't he just the cutest??? I'll put this chicklet on the back of every item I create using JJ stamps. I chose this icon because my favorite season is winter and I just love his little scarf and hat!

Stamps used: chicklet, snowflake
Here are a few more creations too...

This is a 6x6 scrapbook layout for my collection. My neice, Haily is pictured having a fun time at Cox Farm for Easter
I used Mimi Peacock, Hook Flourish and Emily's oval medium in this design. The peacock was stamped on clear acetate and painted on the reverse with acrylic paint. I love using this technique too!!! A little stitching on the light blue paper was added for some extra texture.

This little fishie (Gaston Left is puckering up for some LUUUUUVVVVV... Hee Hee Hee...Gave him the bold colors in the cardstock selection to give the fishie some POP...
I wanted to use a few bubbles and I liked the effect of the "SKINNY" card for this little fishie, so this is the perfect card for a gift box or for that soon. Used Gaston Left and thanks ever so


I have another one, but it's a secret...I'm submitting it for publication, so watch all those magazines! If it doesn't go up, then it'll come here!


  1. Super cute cards Kerry! I love your fab bubbles on the rish card :)

  2. You have made totally great projects!!


  3. The projects all look great. I do love the fish/bubbles skinny card.

  4. WOW! YOu have some great cards up there. I'm definitely going to have to get that fish AND that peacock!