Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Just got back from my Mom and Dads where we spent Father's Day just hanging around doing pretty much of nothing. Watched a good "chick flick" with my dad called The Holiday and you can guage whether or not my dad likes a movie by what happens to him in his chair...if he is awake by the end of the movie, he liked it! Well, surprisingly, he was still awake and I was shocked as it was a mushy movie, one that I would have never thought in a million years he would enjoy!

I got him my usual two nice shirts and this year some sugar free candy (he was just diagnosed with diabetes) and a card I had a lot of fun creating.

I also went to a graduation party for a family friend and had to make a card for him. I used his High School Graduation invitation as color inspiration and decided to use my TAC spring fling set. I used some silver metallic cardstock which is difficult to scan, but it's there! His school colors were plum, hunter green and silver.


  1. Great cards. I love them both. I need to make a graduation card and may use yours as an inspiration :)

    Great work.


  2. What wonderful cad creations! I really like both of your designs.

  3. Love your Father's Day card, Kerry. That baby blue is so pretty.

  4. The colors of the FD card are just wonderful. Love the design of your grad card.

  5. Both cards are just wonderful! Love them both!