Friday, February 23, 2007


After getting my mail last night, I had to ask myself..."What am I getting this Stamper's Sampler Take Ten Spring Supplement for??? I don't have a subscription and I didn't order it. Could it be a special perk as being a TAC angel???" Well, I sat down, and started sifting through the pages. Wow! Tons of beautiful cards, I have to say. LO AND BEHOLD!!!! I see a card catch my eye on page 113. It was a card I made for a swap many months ago. Did I submit it? I don't remember. Well, maybe I did or could a fellow swapper have submitted it for me? In any case, I was really excited! This is my second time being published. The first time was an SU card in Rubber Stamper. That's mysteriously missing from my 2peas gallery too so I'll have to re-scan the card and post later.

I looked through the mag. several times more and found a favorite stamper all throughout the magazine. Ethel Amutan has four of her beautiful collage style cards published too! WOWEEE!!!

I have to go through all my cards to find that card as I save one sample of each card I make. I looked in my gallery at 2 peas and the card wasn't posted there (which leads me to believe that I really did submit it but just can't remember) so I really have to find the card to be able to post it here and over there (and at the Shack).

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  1. Congrats on getting published! I can't wait to see it!