Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

Yipeeeee!!!! It's snowing today. I absolutely love snow and when I woke up this morning, I awoke to a wintery blanket of fresh, wet, snowpacking snow...Perfect for snowballs...or snowmen...or snow angels...or sledding...or snowmobiling (Boo hooo I can't do that here in Northern VA and I miss it!). I did head out and shovel my sidewalk and parking spaces.

I have to say, Peanut is a wimp when it comes to snow! She'll hardly go outside if there is a hint of white on the ground. It's too funny! I took some pictures today and loaded them up in picturetrail. I hope the link will work here. (Notice the pictures of Peanut hiding under the bushes and shrubs. She searched all over for a "safe" spot free from the snow!

Oh, and don't mind the blue shutters up against my brick wall. Two of the shutters fell off during a windy day this winter and I have to wait till spring to put them back up! I'll have lots of spring touch ups as I've had my home for about 8 years and have not done any exterior maintenance yet.

I think I'll have another snow day off from school tomorrow!!! Right now, at 1:50 EST, it is snowing and sleeting and will eventually turn into total sleet soon. It's supposed to be this mix until early morning tomorrow. It will be some fun time making my Magnolia samples for my class coming up in late March. I'll have to ask for your honest imput on which things you would like to do at a three hour class.


  1. We got lots of snow too! Can't wait to see what you do with your Magnolia stamps. Hopefully I will get mine a day or two!

    Hmmm a 3 hour class...the only one that I have taken that was that long was a paper shaping class...


  2. Hey there, great site! You are such an incredible artist and I am proud to be your sister. Kelly

  3. We had a snow day, today, also! Yippee is right! LOL! School is cancelled again tomorrow. I wonder if that means I won't have to go to work, again, either? Enjoy your snow days!