Monday, August 8, 2011

Kraft, Red and a hint of....WoodwareUSA Monday...

Hello stamping friends!  This week on the WoodwareUSA blog it's all about Kraft, Red and....any other color!  Ok..So as an artist, I know that Black and White are not colors, they are shades...SOOO...My added color was the tan...and because I needed to add some ribbon, the YELLOW worked perfectly...(That doesn't count because it's an embellishment, right?  HEE HEE).  I decided to start prepping for the back to school adventures that will begin at the end of the month for me.  You see, as a teacher, the excitement begins just before school starts when I recieve a "LETTER FROM THE PRINCIPAL".  In this letter, I find out about the new hires and those that have moved on.  I also get a schedule of my first week back which is always PACKED with meetings, meetings, meetings.  Another special thing I get in this letter is my tentative class list.  I LOVE finding out who will be in my learning community.  I always prepare a little "WELCOME TO YOUR NEW CLASS!" card with a little handwritten letter. 

So, in preparation for approximately 25 cards to be mailed, I experiment with different ideas.  This is one of them.  Although "chalkboards" have been replaced with white boards and SmartBoards, I still enjoy thinking back to the time when we did have them...not so much about the mess they left behind...

 It's a pretty simple design, don't you think?  I loved stamping the little School Tots in white ink and not having to color them in.  They look perfectly happy peeking out like mischevious little doodles on the chalk board. 

Now there will be a brand spankin' new teacher on my teaching team this year so perhaps if this doesn't make the mass production line for my new kiddos, it might make it into her "Welcome to the TEAM!" packet! 
Please hop over to the WoodwareUSA blog and check out the other colors the designers used in the Kraft, Red and...? Challenge.  Throw a card into the challenge, you just may win a prize for yourself!!! 

Come  back soon!


  1. lovely card! A Amazing work.
    Many Hugs from Marina

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