Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shoveling done!

Phew...Now that the shoveling has been completed, I can now relax and back and my arms are so sore. WOO HOO...Got the news NO SCHOOL until we return from the holiday break. We get an extra 3 days!!! WOO HOOO!!!
Well, back to the story...I finished shoveling that 19 inches of snow and decided I needed to finish my Christmas cards this year. YES, I know, I know...Late, but at least I'm finishing them this year, right? Here are a few of my accomplishments today (You can tell I'm in a snowy mood huh?):
Weeeeeee...Saw a lot of kids doing this today!
I felt like I could have had my ice skates on when I was shoveling today!

Santa will be coming to town right?

Ho, Ho, Ho...A Red, White and Blue stocking card for my Aunt Joan in Iowa. She loves Red, White and Blue!
I'm headed shopping tomorrow to START my shopping. YES, I'm behind on that too!!! Will be making more cards as well.

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