Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eat the frosting first...

ETA: Hey...Notice the inky fingers??? Must be some stampin' going on! HA!!!
Well, the kids (two boys and two girls) at the Camp Cupcake Party at Angela's Happy Stamper seemed to have a great time today. They made Cupcakes in A Jar (a yummy Applesauce Cupcake recipe that reminded me of a spice cake for the holidays). They started off with decorating their jars. They stamped, stamped, stamped using lots of fun cupcake stamps and decorations from jjOBP, and when they were all done, they sat down for a snack to test the recipe by decorating and devouring their very own cupcake...YUM! Here are some pictures from the event.
Oh...before I show their jars, I made some fresh cupcakes last night using the recipe and had to "test them out"...After I decorated mine, I just had to take a picture of that beautiful cupcake...MMMMMMM GOOD!

Don't you just want to lick the frosting...HEE HEE. on to the parade...(I've cropped the pictures to maintain anonymity.)

This young lady loved blue and coordinated her cardstock and stamp ink. She was a storyteller so all the while she worked, she had a story to tell...FUN!
This young man really liked using the markers to design his own cupcakes. He did stamp, but prefered to use those markers! He was really interested in figuring out how to put that bag of sprinkles on his lid so it would not fall off... This young man was very excited. He talked and talked and talked. When we explored the stamps, he read the sentiment "eat the frosting first" and said "I always do that, that's the best!" He found a new way to attach his tag and his recipe card...When he finished attaching it, he came over to me and whispered excitedly to me "Wanna know a secret about how I got that ribbon there 'cause I didn't punch a hole? I taped it..." It was just too cute.

Now this young lady was a quiet worker...She concentrated very hard on stamping her images just right. Everything had a perfect spot...She liked all the colors so she mixed it up a bit.
Now in filling the jars, I showed them step by step to avoid that MESS...When I gave them their turn to fill their jars, ingredient by ingredient, it was cute to watch as they were so careful to fill their jara without getting too much on the paper underneath. Most of them said "NO, I don't want almonds in mine and I don't like raisins...but when it came to the real cupcakes, they LOVED the almonds (I kept the raisins out of the recipe I did)...
Here are some cute shots of them carefully filling their jars...
Isn't this just the cutest?...Notice how close she is to that jar...She got so close, I bet she could jump right into that jar without making that flour poof all over!!! We gotta do it slowly we don't have the flour fly all over...
Holding the jar with one hand and the bag of flour with the other is a sure sign that he is serious about this business!!! LOLShe said..." Just make sure you put the bag in there to cover the hole up and the dust will stay inside the this."
So there you have it...another class down. Now on to my next adventure on Thursday. If you can make it, stop by Angela's Happy Stamper in Reston, VA...We're having the jj ODD BIRD PLANET new release party...Make and takes all day, prize drawings (hmmmm...I wonder what that will be???) and some very special snacks...I've invented a new drink for the occasion...Would you like to try a ship of "Rocket Fuel?"


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

  2. What a wonderfully fun class. Very lucky kiddos to have you as their teacher. I love that you gave them plenty of creative license.

  3. What fun! These jars are so adorable!