Saturday, May 12, 2007

I got my Happy Hoppers!!!

Yipeeee!!! I just got this cute stamp and HAD to use it for my Mother's Day card. I used some really cool old-fashioned patterned paper from Recollection's spring line. I thought the image didn't need any embellishments so I left the card plain for a change!!!

I feel really bad about forgetting to call my oldest sister for her birthday on May 10. I can't believe I forgot so I hope she wasn't upset. I had her card and gift all ready and then...shoot if I didn't forget to mail it off!!! POOOP!!! I guess I'll have to make it up to her the next time I travel down to Richmond for the weekend. I wonder if she'd like a trip to the salon to get her hair done??? I hope she'll be home tonight so I can give her a call and wish her a belated happy birthday!


  1. WOW your card is so cute! Your coloring is amazing...their wings are wonderful!


  2. So, I need my hair done huh? Point taken! I'll make an appt. Loved the cookbooks though! Sure did miss a handmade card from you.....I treasure all of your beautiful art. Love ya! K

  3. I have a card for you and it's in the mail...just a little late! Just thought you would like a hair-do day on me!!!


  4. What a lovely card Kerry!!!!
    So cute!!!!